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Life straw 2018/05/24

Today in science class we had a talk about sewage systems and how it becomes our clean drinking water. We talked about how people have pooped and died and a lot of other gross things have happened in that water. So someone in my class brought up the life straw. My friend and I talked about the life straw and had some weird thoughts. What if you peeped in a cup and as your peeing in the cup use the straw to drink from the cup filled with pee the straw filters out all the gross bacteria. We also thought about imagine a society that it was normal to drink your toilet water with the life straw. There's a bit of food for thought

My morning 2018/05/23

So my morning started off simple woke up and ate some breakfast. After I finish my breakfast I always go to the washroom like usual. I started to pee I started to back up to see how far my pee stream can go. So I got pretty far but then the stream ended fast I had to run towards the toilet fast. pee went everywhere it was pretty gross. so what I'm getting at no how far your stream can go.

The life of Lil_Poon 2018/05/23

Lil_Poon is your average person. spending most of his time in the Bahamas or picking out some new ice. "It's not about making good songs it about being famous for being yourself and doing nothing"-Lil_Poon 2018